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Welcome to KeyGlee Fund, where your journey to real estate prosperity begins. As a Reg D 506(c) Fund exclusively for accredited investors, we are your gateway to a world of value-add single family investments.

Investment Market

Why Invest in Single Family
Real Estate?

In today’s real estate landscape, there is a noticeable shortage in single-family housing. The demand for such properties is consistently high, yet the supply is not keeping pace. This scarcity, coupled with a low inventory of available properties, creates a prime investment environment.

The Benefits of Investing in Single Family Properties:

  • Strategic Property Selection: Targets high-demand areas for higher cap rates. 
  • Diversification: Investing in multiple properties reduces risk and enhances portfolio stability. 
  • Professional Management: Strategic managment to ensure hassle free investment. 

Ideal Passive Investment Opportunity

Why Trust
KeyGlee Fund?

Our investment model aims to capitalize on this market gap by offering you the chance to invest in multiple single-family properties strategically selected to maximize returns. By pooling resources and expertise, we provide accredited investors with an exclusive opportunity to diversify their portfolio and tap into the lucrative single-family housing market.

Sustainable Wealth Materialized

Our Competitive Advantage

The current market conditions present a rare opportunity to capitalize on the single-family housing shortage. Investing with us not only allows you to be part of this growth but also provides the advantage of diversification and professional management.

Diversify through multiple property investments

Exclusive Off-Market Deal Funnels

Highly Experienced and Dedicated Team

Tax saving strategies on all properties

Investments through IRA and 401K programs

Community-Based Investor Incentives

Investor-Centric Transparency and Resources

Positive Community Impact for both Investors and Residents

Maintain Precision

Our Strategy

We’re an investment fund focused on raising the bar through strategic acquisition of Class B & C properties in thriving areas. By obtaining these properties below or at market value we enhance the investment appeal, drive revenue opportunities, improve livability, and contribute to community development. 

Our initiative fosters self-improvement, self-sufficiency, pride of ownership, and the dissemination of knowledge and success within our community.

Multifamily & Single Family Doors
Renovations in 10 Years
Yearly Wholesale Deals

We focus specifically on properties valued between $25M and $150M to limit the competitive landscape of individual investors and large institutional investors.

Proven track record


Proven track record

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Our Team

KeyGlee Fund Team

By investing in the KeyGlee Fund, you are not only adding diversity to your portfolio, but you are also investing in real communities in Arizona and beyond!

Josiah Grimes

General Partner

Jamil Damji

General Partner

Hunter Runyon

General Partner

Rahima Blaza

General Partner

Ideal Passive Investment Opportunity

What Now?

By investing in the KeyGlee Fund, you are not only adding diversity to your portfolio, but you are also investing in real communities across the United States. So not only are you investing in your portfolio, but you’re also investing in the future of generations to come.

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